Hard Cider, Easy Livin'

A few of our friends are trying their hands at crafting hard apple cider.

Needless to say we are pleased as *punch* (tee hee) to sample their fine creations.

#lifeisgood #grateful #buzzed

Also...these are some of our wedding flutes! Thank you Kim for the gift! Still loving them, almost 16 years later!

We're still hangin'!

It's been a loooong time since we've posted...too busy adventuring lol :)

Worry not, all is super well at the cabin...old pets have moved on over the rainbow bridge...new pets have been adopted...the landscape has been improved(?) and loved...And now we have a SECOND floor! Well, sort of...we've cleared the loft area and hired artisans to construct a ladder to said loft. It's cool!  The hubby is gardening this year...I foresee a lot of yummy tomato sammies in our future!

I've taken up painting and am moving away from the more fiber-based endeavors.  You can see my painting gallery here: www.FilomenaJackStudio.com

Thanks for hangin' in here with us...more info will be added more often, promise :)

 The "wee cabin" above is still chock full of creative ammo and spiders :) #sheshed