Hard Cider, Easy Livin'

A few of our friends are trying their hands at crafting hard apple cider.

Needless to say we are pleased as *punch* (tee hee) to sample their fine creations.

#lifeisgood #grateful #buzzed

Also...these are some of our wedding flutes! Thank you Kim for the gift! Still loving them, almost 16 years later!

We're still hangin'!

It's been a loooong time since we've posted...too busy adventuring lol :)

Worry not, all is super well at the cabin...old pets have moved on over the rainbow bridge...new pets have been adopted...the landscape has been improved(?) and loved...And now we have a SECOND floor! Well, sort of...we've cleared the loft area and hired artisans to construct a ladder to said loft. It's cool!  The hubby is gardening this year...I foresee a lot of yummy tomato sammies in our future!

I've taken up painting and am moving away from the more fiber-based endeavors.  You can see my painting gallery here: www.FilomenaJackStudio.com

Thanks for hangin' in here with us...more info will be added more often, promise :)

 The "wee cabin" above is still chock full of creative ammo and spiders :) #sheshed

Decking out the Garden Path

There's a wonderful path linking our forest to our neighbor's. Last year our neighbor "G" and I started to really develop this winding walkway. I created these flags a few days ago from a tacky garden flag purchased for $3 at the Sally (Salvation Army).  I cut what was a rainbow into pennant shapes and then sewed them onto some old ribbon and tied the whole shabang into the trees at the beginning (or end) of the walkway. Ain't they sweet?

Next on my list is painting some huge pinecones I recently purchased from a church thrift sale. I'm thinking glow in the dark something or other and then adding crystals and hanging them from the trees along the pathway... and glitter of course!  What do you think?

I also have an old head/foot board from our last life that would be a great backdrop somewhere along the path.  Thought I'd get some of the ferns to come up around it.

Also, If you look reeealll close you can see the HH (Hottie Hubby) chopping wood in the mid background.  Bless him!

Light Adornments

Spruced up the kitchen light today. Flat back marbles from the dolla store + hot glue = zazzy kitchen light!

 Light on!
Light off! The sun came out right as I was taking these picts. Thaaaaank you, universe!
If you look real close in the lower photo you can see we've progressed with the roof/ceiling insulation. Hopefully by this time next year we'll be done.