About VCA

We are...2 vegans, multiple pet "children", a wee cabin full of food, music and art all on 22 acres in rural upstate NY. (Upstate = about 4.5 hours from NYC) We also have a pond with tons o' frogs and huge salamanders (we call them all Nessy). The pond is my favorite area and hopefully one day will be home to some fish and turtles. We've seen ducks visit the pond, but strangely only on week days.  We've decided that the pond is the duck office...and they don't come to the office on weekends.

We bought our bit of paradise in 2008. It was the only property we looked at the previous November and it took a bit of back and forth before the deal went through. Love at first sight I tell ya! It came fully furnished including a broken hot water heater and a couple of truck loads of crappola we had to haul to the landfill.

We are planning a few gardens (we are zone 5A), an addition and a couple of out buildings. I think that's what you call buildings that aren't the main building...

We don't know much about country livin' but we're excited for the adventure ahead!

We also like to blog at:
Pink Velvet Bird (now closed)