First Real Snow + Cobbler Memories

So our first "real" snow of the season has fallen. Ruka Dog is loving it and we've moved the rabbit troup to the wee cabin for safe sleeping.

Note Ruka, bottom left, keeping the grounds secure :) Good dog!

Here's a photo from this past summer. We love cooking on the fire and "cabin cobbler" is a family favorite. I open a can of fruit (peaches), drain the liquid into a bowl, toss in some vegan choco chips and make a batter with the fruit liquid and what ever I have on hand (flour, backing powder, sugar, salt). Throw it on the fire and viola! (like the flower), you've got cobbler! CAUTION: it's hot! Be careful with it!

Wee Cabin Updates

So the "Wee Cabin" as I've been calling it is nearly complete! Here are some before pictures (before the HH (hottie hubby) insulated & painted). It's truly so exciting to have a little space of my own. Once it's all organized I'll share some more photos...

Check out the super sweet Martha Washington sewing cabinet Thomas surprised me with!
It's the perfect colors and will get a lot of use I'm sure!
It took A LOT of paint to paint the cabin inside and out. I'm thrilled with the colors we picked!
Double doors out the side of the cabin.
Girl's best friend :)

Moving the Herd

Not Mr. VCA! but another great guy I heart.

At this very moment Mr. VCA! is driving the rest of our herd up to the country. Rest = 2 out-of-control-cute rabbits (who dislike to be to near to one another) and the most amazing cockatiel ever. Last week we brought up the 2 cats and other 2 birds. Next week we claim full time ownership of Ruka the Wonder Dog, rounding out our herd (for now).

Through all the planning for the move the hardest part for me has been making sure the animals were going to be healthy and happy in their new digs. New! Improved! cages were purchased, customized name tags were engraved, land areas were surveyed, a dead tree (nick named "the widow maker") was removed, treats were stocked... We still have to build a predator proof run-around area for the rabbits. For now our little Rabbit Troop will have to party in their super duper hutches.

Rabbit Troop!
(check out Home Movies , you'll be ever so happy you did!)
I can't wait to get up there this weekend to be with everyone. I'm sure Mr. VCA! will do a great job settling everyone in.

Moving Day Draws Near!

Found this amazing printable at The Graphics Fairy (one of my favorite sites!)
Check them out daily for amazing free graphics (duh), printables and inspiration.

Now on to our real post...

In just a few short weeks we will be (basically) full time residents of our cabin. Much packing, carting, giving away, dusting, sneezing, insulating, heater updating, number crunching, animal adoption, etc. has brought us to this point.

We are super excited to live in a place we love and doing our best to prepare for the unexpected (bears!, loss of electricity!, sourcing vegan cheese!). I look forward to coming back to these beginning posts a year from now to see how we've grown, what we've learned and who's come to visit :)

Thinking about: Hyssop for the Garden

Watched an episode of Gardening by the Yard that discussed the wonders of Hyssop. Great for upping the butterfly and hummingbird activity.  I like those activities A LOT!

This type, Agastache rupestris, with it's tube-like flowers are great for the humming birds

and Anise Hyssop - Agastache foeniculum is great for the butterflies. AND you can eat it and make tea with the leaves.  Super good! I heart anise.
There are some "blue" varieties that are especially alluring to me and some with a bit of orange that Mr. VCA will enjoy.

Oh, and they said the deer don't like them.  Win!
(picts from

Fall Bulb o'Rama!

Just ordered a bunch (um, 165) bulbs to plant this fall!

I know, I know tulips are usually deer food...but I am hoping the allium will deter the deer (and I'm sure our new adopted doggie [teaser!] will help with that too). I couldn't resist the double petals.

The white-ish daffodil is called "White Lion" (HAD to have that! I will tease my hair in celebration!)

The white tree lily is called "Pretty Woman" and eventually will be taller than me.

I've grown the large purple allium (Giganteum) in the past and they are a-maze-ing!

I picked orange daffodils (really, who can resist?) since Mr. Vegan Cabin Adventure is partial to that shade. We planted some "normal" yellow ones last year and the chipmunks/squirrels/groundhogs/deer were kind enough to allow like 5 to grow to maturity. Daffodils are deer resistant but bulbs are almost always up for grabs. This year I will add cyan pepper when planting.  And say an extra prayer to the bulb gods.

That little blue thing (of which I ordered 50) is new to me. Siberian Squill or Scilla. It's blue! Or at least it better be :)