...a year later....

Well, we've been busy...

And SOOOO happy living in the country! One of my hopes in the new year is to recharge this blog and keep journal-ing this adventure. We've learned A LOT and have tons and tons more to learn. I've had some success in the garden and some sad disappointments.

We've made, remade and remade again the rabbit hutches. Santa brought me a Vitamix this past Christmas so our kitchen activities are off-da-hook! But... we're still living with a dorm sized fridge so we've had to compensate by using our "white trash" porch cooler system.
I've started a new fashion design biz with an artist in Ithaca called
Amelia Filomena Adorn and  just recently began working at our local library (and I LOVE it!). I am still working on growing my photography biz and have had the honor of working with some of the areas best artists, helping them to promote their 2 and 3 dimensional works.

So, welcome back and thanks for reading! Would love to hear from you in the comments section...especially gardening tips and vegan recipes.

Mrs. & Mr. VCA


  1. I recently visited the "cabin". And what a wonderful time at that!! It was a few days before Christmas and as soon as I entered the very well heated living space, I was greeted by a small 10' Christmas Tree. Next up was greetings, a tour and a fine dinner. Yes, more please, thank you. :-) Then some chatting in good company (with pets). Then a good nights sleep by the wood burning stove. More homemade goodness in the morning. And then a tour of the land. In beautiful, freshly fallen snow. I can see why the Jack's are lovin' their country living. I for sure am jealous and can't wait for my next visit.

  2. We loved having you here, though it was too short a visit :)