Let's start with dessert! Pumpkin Parfait

I came up with this light and airy "parfait" for New Year's eve. I'll post info on the innnnn-gredddd-able! dinner we enjoyed before this dessert later this week. 

Disclaimer: I rarely really measure anything, especially if I'm not baking. 'Round these parts I'm considered a "Recipe Pirate" (catch the Chowder cartoon reference? Good!)

Ok, as I mentioned Mr. VCA (aka Santa) gifted me a brandy new (my first) Vitamix this year and I've used it just about everyday since it was unwrapped. I bet this would work with a regular ol' blender or even a hand whisk/beater as well.

*about a 1/3 can of pureed pumpkin (wish I had more and will use at least a half can next time). Think the can was 15 oz.
*about a 1/2 can of full fat coconut milk (the rest of the can went into a fabu cocktail to be discussed at some other time)
*a bunch of powdered cinnamon
*some good quality all spice
*good amount of powdered sugar
*few dashes of table salt
*a bit of ground nutmeg

Whizzed the heck out of these ingredients, tasted, amended, whizzed again then scraped it into two glasses. Then I put them out on the porch for a while to chill up. The action of the Vitamix warms this up which might be nice too, but I was going for a chilled dessert. Then:

*topped with Ghiradelli bittersweet (I think) chocolate chips. Look at the packages in the market...use the one with no dairy/milk fat. I really like this brand. Usually less than $4.50 per bag.

It was super yum! And not that terrible a dessert health wise, right? Ok, sugar, full fat coconut milk...whatever ;)

I am really happy with how light it came out. Would be a great topping (sort of like cool whip but a lot better) for a cake!

How will you play with this recipe?

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