Humble Meals: Bachelorette Chow!

There are a lot of times that when the HH (hottie hubby, aka Mr. VCA) and I are each alone for dinner. These nights neither of us seem to be able to pull together a full "all burners going" sort of spread just for ourselves. His go-to feed fest is something he calls "Bachelor Chow" and consists of a bowl of (cold) chickpeas and hot sauce. Healthy and yummy but, meh.
before roasting
My version, which of course I call "Bachelorette Chow", is a lot more appealing and doesn't take too much time nor effort. 15 minutes for a hot and healthy meal is always doable.

You'll need:
*Oven set to around 400 F
*Cookie sheet
*Olive oil
*Extra firm tofu
*Kale, duh. (Our local Wegman's has bags of chopped/washed kale. Love.)
*1 can of drained & rinsed kidney beans (I like dark red for this dish)
*BBQ sauce (I like Stubbs brand, spicy)
*Seasonings (salt/peppy/cumin/etc.)
Start with draining the tofu and cutting into about 8 slabs. Next add a thin coat of olive oil to the cookie sheet. I use a brush to smear the oil, but a paper towel would do for this task. Line up your tofu slabs, then I throw down some kale and lastly the beans. Pour the BBQ on the tofu and beans and season everything. I like LOTS of nutrional yeast.
What is nutrional yeast? It's amazing! I creates a bit of a smokey flavor, is super healthy, and I find I can use a lot less salt in my dishes when N.Y. is invited to the party. Perfect on popcorn! The bottle pictured here is from RedStar. I buy my N.Y. in bulk (we LLLLLOOOOOVVVEEEE it!) which is much cheaper and then I keep refilling the bottle since it has a handy shaker top.
Ok, then I throw the whole shebang in the oven. After about 7 minutes I give the beans and kale a toss and sometimes add more BBQ sauce. Once the beans start to burst and the kale is a bit sizzly I plate it up. I shut off the oven and leave the remaining in the oven to keep warm for second helpings. The kale will get crispier. Yum yum yum!

Post roast...look at them beans! Yummmmo!