Fall Bulb o'Rama!

Just ordered a bunch (um, 165) bulbs to plant this fall!

I know, I know tulips are usually deer food...but I am hoping the allium will deter the deer (and I'm sure our new adopted doggie [teaser!] will help with that too). I couldn't resist the double petals.

The white-ish daffodil is called "White Lion" (HAD to have that! I will tease my hair in celebration!)

The white tree lily is called "Pretty Woman" and eventually will be taller than me.

I've grown the large purple allium (Giganteum) in the past and they are a-maze-ing!

I picked orange daffodils (really, who can resist?) since Mr. Vegan Cabin Adventure is partial to that shade. We planted some "normal" yellow ones last year and the chipmunks/squirrels/groundhogs/deer were kind enough to allow like 5 to grow to maturity. Daffodils are deer resistant but bulbs are almost always up for grabs. This year I will add cyan pepper when planting.  And say an extra prayer to the bulb gods.

That little blue thing (of which I ordered 50) is new to me. Siberian Squill or Scilla. It's blue! Or at least it better be :)

Out Antiquing...

Found this loverly label recently. My mom's name was Judy and the colors and topic are perfect for the cabin. Just need to find a 9" x 9" frame and it's all set to hang and make me smile each day.

And this guy came my way too...so cute I'm falling over! :)