Wee Cabin Updates

So the "Wee Cabin" as I've been calling it is nearly complete! Here are some before pictures (before the HH (hottie hubby) insulated & painted). It's truly so exciting to have a little space of my own. Once it's all organized I'll share some more photos...

Check out the super sweet Martha Washington sewing cabinet Thomas surprised me with!
It's the perfect colors and will get a lot of use I'm sure!
It took A LOT of paint to paint the cabin inside and out. I'm thrilled with the colors we picked!
Double doors out the side of the cabin.
Girl's best friend :)


  1. The blue is beautiful! what a lovely little work space.
    I love that you and Thomas are both holding coffee when hanging with the pooch.

  2. Thanks MissFifi! Hope you all come to visit :)

  3. Okay, the biggest shock was Filomena with dog. Does this mean a phobia has been conquered? me and the 2 little ones would love to come for a visit. Pumpkin might be upset since she wouldn't be the only orange cat then.

  4. so cute! love the blue color! so lucky to have this in your yard!!