Garden Notes

On going, evolving, ebbing and flowing list of what's in the garden(s)

  • Planted a bunch of yellow with dark center pansies. They did really well in the porch pots (I think there are still some growing under the porch (Jan 2013) and did just ok in the shepard's hook hanging baskets. I think they dried out too fast for me to keep up with. The potted oned did become rather leggy and the slugs and spiders were big fans.
  • Purchased a black plastic horse trough for about $35. Filled with great purchased soil from kmart (on sale). Added too many plants. Some of the tomatoes did ok, but the peppers were a bust and only 2 mini eggplants. Added orange marigolds. They died. Egh.

August 5/2011:
  • Planted Rudbeckia x 'Denver Daisy' purchased from nice guy at farmers' market at 30 Rock. $14
    *Update 2012: did not come back but its sister rudbeckia did well in this spot

July 14/2011:
Planted 2 perennials purchased from ebay seller GoodRootsPerennials:
  • 1 Black HOLLYHOCK Watchman Biennial QUART PERENNIAL PLANT $8.67 + shipping
  • 1 DELPHINIUM BlackKnight QUART PERENNIAL PLANT $8.67 + shipping
    *Update 2012: NOTHING. Nadda. Zilch. Booooo.

July 10/2011:
  • Threw down some more wildflower seeds
  • Planted pink/red "carnation" purchased from Bath Farmer's Market $3 
  • Planted "Speedwell" Veronica in the milk can/mail box purchased from Home Depot along with moss from the forest [Aug 2011 RIP: didn't water it enough]
  • Adopted a coleus from Aunt Maria
  • Rudbecka is looking well, a few flower heads have popped up
  • Fostering one wild thistle for Sweet Julie
July 4/2011:
  • Wacked les weeds
  • Staked the hydrangea
  • Threw down some wildflower seeds 
 June 12/2011:
  • Planted 4 Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldsturm’ purchased from Rochester Open Market. $24. 2 at edge of driveway and 2 not far from the super duper arbor.
    *Update spring/summer 2012 : came back and was wonderful! Full and tall!
  • Planted 2 Rosa 'Golden Showers' on either side of the arbor. $50. Purchased from a garden nursery in Henrietta near the dome. One rose has a banana peel buried with it...let's see if it makes it strong-like-bull.  Also, I think Mrs. Greenthumbs would enjoy the kinky name.
  • Staked hydrangea and warned it not to turn pink/purple.
  • Wacked weeds.
  • Pond irises are stunning! Yellow and fabu!

May 28/2011:
  • Planted 1 Endless Summer Hydrangea purchased from Home Depot in Gang Mills. ~$23. Planted with banana peel.
    *Update 2012: had some great leaves come up too early, then there was a frost...more leaves arrived and then NO flowers :(
  • Purchased velvety red geranium from Home Depot in Gang Mills. ~$20. There are 3 plants potted in this container. Will try to divide and keep alive during the cold season. Fingers crossed!
  • Pathway ROCKS collected!
  • Wacked weeds.
  • Pond irises looking good. All green but still all good. A lot more full than last year.
  • Found wild: lilly of the valley, rasberries, 1 jack in the pulpit and many many strawberries.
Pre VCA:
Daffodils, lilies, lily of the valley...oh, those 9 tree babies from the Arbor Day Foundation (aka, deer food)

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