Strawberry Fields!

So last weekend I found a bunch of these adorable wee 5 petaled white flowers that look soooo much like strawberries growing all over the place. I did a bunch of google searches for "white wildflowers"  convinced that these strawberry-like lovelies were some sort of wild daisy or what have you. 

Nope!  They are strawberries!  Plentiful, plentiful strawberries!  The fruit is just starting to form on a few of the plants and already I can see some nibble marks from our forest friends but I'm sure I'll find a few fruits in the next few weeks to snack on myself.

This reminds me that sometimes the simple answer is the correct one. I really didn't think that I would be so lucky as to have wild strawberries growing, but there they are, and I'm pleased as punch :)

Adding to the (fruit!) punch...

I was also wrong about the "wild roses". Thorns? Check! Rose looking leaves? Check! Rose-buddy looking growths? Check!  Turns out they are actually wild raspberries.  Again, I'm sure the forest creatures will chow down on them before I get a chance to (they wake up earlier) but I'm super happy to have them growing wild in the garden.

A gardening pal also pointed out a Jack in the Pulpit growing near our deck. I may dig him up and move him to a safer location. 

Planted my first hydrangea this weekend.  I love love love this perennial and will do what I have to to the soil to keep it coming up blue (keeping the soil on the acidic side, versus alkaline which produces pink blooms).  I threw leaves and a banana peel in the whole and also used leaves a mulch. Go hydrangea! Go!

Also purchased a potted geranium for the porch.  Rich rich velvety red.  Lush and dramatic, just like your momma!

What makes these 2 purchases even sweeter is that I used cash I made from selling my homemade jewelry.  What a great feeling!

The irises are coming up around the edges of the pond.  Should be another week before they peek out from the greenery.  I cut back a lot of bramble around the pond and carved out a more comfortable walking path. Love my loppers!  Once I get started cutting it is hard to stop! I think there are more rasberries growing around the pond but I don't think they get enough light to bear any fruit.

And so it begins!

This weekend we started planning our Woodland and Veggie gardens :)  We set our first stone in place (we've named the stone Hilda, after the first saved sheep at Farm Sanctuary)...(and yes, we named a stone).

Also did a bunch of weed-wackin'...a job I really enjoy. Right now my gardening is really just about deducting wild growth...creating paths and killing killing killing the evil thistle and less evil milk weed.  My mantra whilst wacking is "Slow and Low, Slow and Low..."

Even though we've had a ton of rain, we really only have one small spot that is actually a pool of water. Lots o'mud, but I don't think it's too terrible and don't expect to see rain like this again very often.  [Unless Tool is right...then we'll all have to Learn to Swim.]

Planted (my fave) Heavenly Blue morning glory, giant 8' sunflower and Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower) seeds. This is my 3rd attempt at the sunflowers...I'm feeling like this is my year!

These lovely ladies grew WILD! in our field last summer.  Ahhhhhh....

Had the hubby straighten the leaning bird house and just as I was going to try to clean it out in order to attract some new visitors I heard a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz from inside. Yikes!  We backed away slowly and headed back to the porch. No need to make anyone angry...I'll wait until the cold weather to clean it out...score 1 for the wasps!

Welcome Y'all!

How very exciting!  A new blog about an ongoing adventure!  Stay tuned, sign up and veg out! :)