Strawberry Fields!

So last weekend I found a bunch of these adorable wee 5 petaled white flowers that look soooo much like strawberries growing all over the place. I did a bunch of google searches for "white wildflowers"  convinced that these strawberry-like lovelies were some sort of wild daisy or what have you. 

Nope!  They are strawberries!  Plentiful, plentiful strawberries!  The fruit is just starting to form on a few of the plants and already I can see some nibble marks from our forest friends but I'm sure I'll find a few fruits in the next few weeks to snack on myself.

This reminds me that sometimes the simple answer is the correct one. I really didn't think that I would be so lucky as to have wild strawberries growing, but there they are, and I'm pleased as punch :)

Adding to the (fruit!) punch...

I was also wrong about the "wild roses". Thorns? Check! Rose looking leaves? Check! Rose-buddy looking growths? Check!  Turns out they are actually wild raspberries.  Again, I'm sure the forest creatures will chow down on them before I get a chance to (they wake up earlier) but I'm super happy to have them growing wild in the garden.

A gardening pal also pointed out a Jack in the Pulpit growing near our deck. I may dig him up and move him to a safer location. 

Planted my first hydrangea this weekend.  I love love love this perennial and will do what I have to to the soil to keep it coming up blue (keeping the soil on the acidic side, versus alkaline which produces pink blooms).  I threw leaves and a banana peel in the whole and also used leaves a mulch. Go hydrangea! Go!

Also purchased a potted geranium for the porch.  Rich rich velvety red.  Lush and dramatic, just like your momma!

What makes these 2 purchases even sweeter is that I used cash I made from selling my homemade jewelry.  What a great feeling!

The irises are coming up around the edges of the pond.  Should be another week before they peek out from the greenery.  I cut back a lot of bramble around the pond and carved out a more comfortable walking path. Love my loppers!  Once I get started cutting it is hard to stop! I think there are more rasberries growing around the pond but I don't think they get enough light to bear any fruit.


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  2. This is BRILLIANT! Thanks Jules!