Moving the Herd

Not Mr. VCA! but another great guy I heart.

At this very moment Mr. VCA! is driving the rest of our herd up to the country. Rest = 2 out-of-control-cute rabbits (who dislike to be to near to one another) and the most amazing cockatiel ever. Last week we brought up the 2 cats and other 2 birds. Next week we claim full time ownership of Ruka the Wonder Dog, rounding out our herd (for now).

Through all the planning for the move the hardest part for me has been making sure the animals were going to be healthy and happy in their new digs. New! Improved! cages were purchased, customized name tags were engraved, land areas were surveyed, a dead tree (nick named "the widow maker") was removed, treats were stocked... We still have to build a predator proof run-around area for the rabbits. For now our little Rabbit Troop will have to party in their super duper hutches.

Rabbit Troop!
(check out Home Movies , you'll be ever so happy you did!)
I can't wait to get up there this weekend to be with everyone. I'm sure Mr. VCA! will do a great job settling everyone in.


  1. Knowing you, you have done a lot of research, but have you seen this site?
    I also love this Uk Bunny site with pix of the hutches :)
    Predator proofing is what we would need to do as well if we had chickens. One day maybe.

  2. OMG! It has been quite a while since I've caught up with your other blog which led me here now. Wow, you guys have made big changes. I hope you guys all the best in your new surroundings. Hugs!