Thinking about: Hyssop for the Garden

Watched an episode of Gardening by the Yard that discussed the wonders of Hyssop. Great for upping the butterfly and hummingbird activity.  I like those activities A LOT!

This type, Agastache rupestris, with it's tube-like flowers are great for the humming birds

and Anise Hyssop - Agastache foeniculum is great for the butterflies. AND you can eat it and make tea with the leaves.  Super good! I heart anise.
There are some "blue" varieties that are especially alluring to me and some with a bit of orange that Mr. VCA will enjoy.

Oh, and they said the deer don't like them.  Win!
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  1. I will tell you right now we have the blue/purple hyssop and it is an absolute crack den for bees which is awesome! I am hoping to get more throughout the yard and even put some nearby the veggie garden. the fact that deer do not like them is a plus indeed. Also, if you do not mind letting mint growing wild, deer dislike that as well as oregano.