I have been researching which composter to invest in. Currently I think we're going to go with this one:
Compost Tumbler
(Photo from the Urban Garden Center website.)
Less than $200 with a 10 year warranty. 
Any suggestions?  Do you have a composter that you love/hate?
The composter needs to be covered, easy to turn and be able to stand up to our long cold winters.

I have also been looking into composting cat (and eventually) dog waste in a separate area. Oy vey. 

Seed Savers Exchange

Just read an interesting article on Etsy about The Seed Savers Exchange.  I'd never heard of this amazing organziation before and look forward to purchasing a few seed packs next spring. They promote education, seed preservation and community spirit.

[these lovely ladies are from our own wild patch, not from SSE]
Their catalog is gor-gee-ous and makes for a mouth watering page turner.   Check them out, become a member and donate to the cause if you can!

Mail boxes and a Rose Caper

First off...
How do you order a mailbox if you don't have a mailbox to ship it to?  (this is the type of question that would explode a robot's head)
We've been so proud to not have a mail box up at the cabin for a long time...but now that we're making the move to full time Cabin Adventure it's time for a proper mail box.  Once this baby arrives (from Home Depot online only) we just need a interesting looking jug/container and some quickcrete.

Second off...
Someone has been nipping our roses! What the what!?! I haven't been able to inspect the (crime?) scene yet. The hubby reported that the roses on one (luckily not both) of the bushes have been cut off. Not nibbled off...but cut off a la Morticia Adams. Hmmm...a mystery is afoot! 
Stay tuned for (hopefully) an answer to the question: "Where the heck my roses at?!"

Wordy Wednesday: Rabbit Surprises

Bank account be damned! I just ordered 2 of these for the rabbits.  The hubby and I have been sketching, talking, thinking, researching and resketching ideas on how to build the perfect rabbit set up.  I've given up trying to build my (stupid) designs and have decided to go prefab. This here will be the first part of the set up.  If only my fella bunnies would be buddies...I'd only need to come up with one big house and exercise area instead of two houses and separated run around areas.  Oh, and I'd also save a bunch of money I could be spending on carrots. I think I'll paint them with animal friendly outdoor paint in a lovely shade of blue to match my upcoming playhouse build (for me!).
The rabbits don't know about these do try to keep it under wraps until the big reveal  =:<

The wrong model wash shippied :( But it might actually be a bit better :) just not as cute :(  Stay tuned for picts and such

New Adoptions for the Garden!

eBay Image Hosting at

Just ordered these lovelies from ebay seller Good Roots Perennials (photos from their site).
The top photo is DELPHINIUM BlackKnight
The bottom is HOLLYHOCK Watchman Black Biennial
Can't wait for the new "babies" to arrive!

I'm thinking about creating a black and white area in the garden.  These hollyhocks, mixed with white hydrangea, mixed with some shasta daisies...what do you think?  Any other suggestions? I've seen some "black" violets somewhere on the interwebs.  Oh! Moonflower would be nice too...

The the photo but am cautious to believe they will be as blue as pictured. A girl can dream, no?

Update on Excitement

I had posted a short while ago that the hotty hubby (and our pal B.) had some surprises for me at the's the big reveal!
 Super duper 8 foot (or more!) arbor!
We planted Rosa Golden Showers, a yellow, thorny climbing rose on either side.  They should grow 8 to 10 feet up and over the arbor.  Fingers crossed!  Hubby (with the help of our awesome friend B.) did an amazing job, don't you think? Go boys go! They used fallen trees from our property and let the land tell them where it needed to sit.  I look forward to the development of the garden all around the arbor.  Stay tuned for new growth :)  Birds and chipmunks and butteflies have been enjoying the new "play area" too. I have an "order" in for another arbor that's about 2.5 times wider for us to sit, eat, nap under at the other end of the proposed garden area. 

A new SINK!  YEAH!  The one that came with the cabin was awful and made any dish doer soaked. Boooo!  Ahhh...I love our new sink with it's pully-out sprayer and knobs that WORK :) :)  Best of all, I can look out onto the arbor while doing dumb dishes. Makes the chore less boring I can tell you!

St. Fiacre: Great Garden Guy

I'm on the hunt for a St. Francis statue to go in the flower garden area. It has to be able to live up to a lot of requirements such as:
  • Interesting/unique appearance
  • Super sturdy (long zone 5a winters!)
  • Tall
  • Affordable
Whilst cruising the interwebs for such a gem I came across another saint that needs a home in our garden:

St. Fiacre (Excerpted from Dictionary of Saints, John J. Delaney)

St. Fiacre (also known as Fiachra; Fiachrach; Fiacrius; Fiaker and Fevre) was a hermit at Kilfiachra, Ireland. He left to go to France, and then lived as a solitary at Breuil, Brie, on land given him by St. Faro, bishop of Meaux. Fiacre built a hospice for travelers, attracted many disciples, was known for his charity and aid to the poor, and was consulted by many for his spiritual wisdom. His miracles of healing became legendary. He is the patron saint of gardeners and the cabdrivers of Paris, whose vehicles are called fiacres, since the first coach for hire in Paris was located near the Hotel Saint-Fiacre. He is mentioned in Roman Martyrology for this day.
Patron: Gardeners; herbalist; florists; potters; needlemakers; cab drivers; against hemorrhoids (VCA: really?! WOW!); against syphilis (VCA: aren't we all?); barrenness; box makers; fistula; hosiers; pewterers; taxi drivers; sterility; tile makers; against venereal disease (VCA: ibid).

Symbols: Spade and open book; rosary; birds; spade.

Often Portrayed as: man carrying a spade and a basket of vegetables beside him surrounded by pilgrims and blessing the sick.

The hunt is on!

Soooo excited!

The HHH (hotty house hubby) says he has a surprise (or two!) waiting for me at the cabin...He's built something(s)!  ACK!  I'm wicked excited!

I wonder wonder wonder what it could be!?!?

Hen house? (no we don't have chickens, yet)
Dog run? (nope, no dog either)
Wind mill? (we really wanna go "off the grid")
Outdoor pizza oven? (a girl can dream!)

Stay tuned for the exciting reveal next week :)

No matter what the surprises are I know I will be celebrating and doing the happy dance!

Best Website/Cam Ever!

Just found the best webcam on the interwebs:
Hen Cam (also goat cam & chick cam!)

This is Terry Golson's website/blog/cam o'palozza.  SO GOOD! 

Nice to see she has a bun(ny) hanging out with her chickens.  I've been wondering about that. 
Wonder what Chowder Rabbit will think of some chicken girlfriends...
"Hey Baby. Nice feathers."

Summer Color Suprise

Planted these lovelies last fall...and don't remember where'll be a surprise to us all :) Now that I'm forming a "real" plan for the garden areas I'm hoping I put them in the "orange area".