Mail boxes and a Rose Caper

First off...
How do you order a mailbox if you don't have a mailbox to ship it to?  (this is the type of question that would explode a robot's head)
We've been so proud to not have a mail box up at the cabin for a long time...but now that we're making the move to full time Cabin Adventure it's time for a proper mail box.  Once this baby arrives (from Home Depot online only) we just need a interesting looking jug/container and some quickcrete.

Second off...
Someone has been nipping our roses! What the what!?! I haven't been able to inspect the (crime?) scene yet. The hubby reported that the roses on one (luckily not both) of the bushes have been cut off. Not nibbled off...but cut off a la Morticia Adams. Hmmm...a mystery is afoot! 
Stay tuned for (hopefully) an answer to the question: "Where the heck my roses at?!"

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