Update on Excitement

I had posted a short while ago that the hotty hubby (and our pal B.) had some surprises for me at the cabin...here's the big reveal!
 Super duper 8 foot (or more!) arbor!
We planted Rosa Golden Showers, a yellow, thorny climbing rose on either side.  They should grow 8 to 10 feet up and over the arbor.  Fingers crossed!  Hubby (with the help of our awesome friend B.) did an amazing job, don't you think? Go boys go! They used fallen trees from our property and let the land tell them where it needed to sit.  I look forward to the development of the garden all around the arbor.  Stay tuned for new growth :)  Birds and chipmunks and butteflies have been enjoying the new "play area" too. I have an "order" in for another arbor that's about 2.5 times wider for us to sit, eat, nap under at the other end of the proposed garden area. 

A new SINK!  YEAH!  The one that came with the cabin was awful and made any dish doer soaked. Boooo!  Ahhh...I love our new sink with it's pully-out sprayer and knobs that WORK :) :)  Best of all, I can look out onto the arbor while doing dumb dishes. Makes the chore less boring I can tell you!

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  1. Looks fantastic! Hope to see it in person one day! Love the new blog and all the updates!