Wordy Wednesday: Rabbit Surprises

Bank account be damned! I just ordered 2 of these for the rabbits.  The hubby and I have been sketching, talking, thinking, researching and resketching ideas on how to build the perfect rabbit set up.  I've given up trying to build my (stupid) designs and have decided to go prefab. This here will be the first part of the set up.  If only my fella bunnies would be buddies...I'd only need to come up with one big house and exercise area instead of two houses and separated run around areas.  Oh, and I'd also save a bunch of money I could be spending on carrots. I think I'll paint them with animal friendly outdoor paint in a lovely shade of blue to match my upcoming playhouse build (for me!).
The rabbits don't know about these yet...so do try to keep it under wraps until the big reveal  =:<

The wrong model wash shippied :( But it might actually be a bit better :) just not as cute :(  Stay tuned for picts and such

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